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    1. Tk James

      Are You Really Covered?

      When using the insurance services you hoped you would never need, the last thing you want to discover is an unpleasant surprise in your policy coverage.  How often do you read your insurance policy renewal?  I'll wait...

      For the average person who does not read their annual policy renewal in detail, you may want to at least start looking at your declarations page.  The declarations page, a summary of your coverage, will answer at least three important policy question we ask all of our clients:

      1. Is my dwelling coverage RCV?  

      RCV stands for Replacement Cost Value and having this type of policy will ensure you receive the full replacement cost to repair any damages to your home.  Otherwise, be prepared to receive only a partial settlement as the insurance companies have adopted the practice of depreciating claims.  An ACV policy, or Actual Cash Value policy, will leave you with significantly less money to get the job done right. 

      2. Do I have ordinance or law coverage?

      Ordinance or law provides for compliance with local building code.  It allows for important roofing system elements such as drip edge, starter shingles, and ridge cap shingles.  Typically, it is underwritten as 10% of the dwelling coverage.

      3. What is my wind & hail deductible?

      Often overlooked, the wind & hail deductible can vary significantly from the general dwelling deductible.  It's always prudent to know this figure.  A deductible written as a percentage of your dwelling coverage could leave you wanting.  Imagine a 2% wind & hail deductible on a $500,000 dwelling coverage policy--you're talking $10,000 your insurer won't pony up.  Don't let this be news to you.

      There are myriad other policy provisions, endorsements, exclusions, and other boring insurance jargon that could severely hurt your claim.  It is strongly recommended to have someone with insurance expertise review your policy before you move forward with a claim.  A Peachtree Restorations project manager will be happy to study your policy and guide you in the right direction at a complimentary property evaluation.


      May 8th Denver Hail Storm By The Numbers


      • $1,400,000,000 - Estimated cost of damage

      • 315,400 - Residential homes affected

      • 28 minutes - Duration of hail fall

      • 2.75” - largest hail stone reported to the National Weather Service

      • 3 - Average number of times Denver residents repair or replace their roofs in one home

      • 179% - Increase in Colorado homeowners premiums from 1997 - 2013 [RMIAA]

      • 54% - Catastrophe-related homeowner’s insurance claims in Colorado

      • IV - The Underwriters Laboratory highest classification for impact resistance

      • 35% - Average savings on homeowners insurance premiums with Class IV shingle

      • $0 - Cost of upgrading to a Class IV shingle with Peachtree Restorations

      • 1 - Call away to schedule your complimentary inspection

      • (855) 448-7663 - Phone number you can call today to claim your FREE $1,500 class IV shingle upgrade before June 31st


      The May 8th hail storm is estimated as the most catastrophic in Denver history.  This expensive cycle has repeated itself, making Colorado one of only 5 states where more than half of all claims are catastrophe related.  What happens when insurance companies pay out $1.4 Billion in claims?  Your premiums rise.  

      But what if there was a way to see your ever increasing premiums decrease?  Insurers are willing to heavily discount your rates if you help protect your home...and that’s exactly what we are doing for our clients.  Through June 31st, we are offering a FREE upgrade to a Class IV impact resistant shingle to lock in your $600 yearly savings.  Call 855.448.7663 today to schedule claim this $1,500 value and schedule your complimentary evaluation.  

      Take Some Preventive Measures This Storm Season

      With Georgia's storm season currently in full swing. It is important to take some preventive measures that could save you a lot of time and money! One thing we highly recommend is having your roofing system inspected by a HAAG certified inspector at least every 3 years to help catch any potential problems early. Best part about that is most professional roofing companies will provide this service FREE of charge. Another great tip is to make sure that you clean your gutters at least once a year. Your gutters are there to keep water off of your roof and your house. Not having fully functional gutters can lead to major problems. Whether you can clean your gutters yourself or hire a professional, it will definitely be worth it in the end!

      Team Peachtree Restorations

      Restoring Responsibility Starts in the Community

      Thank you to Springs Rescue Mission for allowing us to contribute to their great cause this holiday season. We truly believe that Restoring Responsibility starts in the community, and that is exactly where you can find us! If you are in the Springs and are looking for a worthy cause to support, please be sure to check into the Springs Rescue Mission.

      Back to School Peachtree Restorations Style

      How does Peachtree Restorations send you back to school roofer style you ask?

      With shaved ice from the Kona Ice Truck and Yeti coolers of course! This weekend we had the opportunity to host a back to school shaved ice social for the great people of the Emerson Hall neighborhood in Milton, Georgia.  The Kona Ice Truck kept the shaved ice flowing, and Team PR kept the good times rolling. But no back to school social is complete without a raffle right?  Which is why we sent one lucky Emerson Hall resident home with a brand new Yeti Roadie cooler! A huge congratulations goes to Ms. Betsy Leigher for being the proud recipient of a new Yeti cooler. We would like to thank Emerson Hall neighborhood for all their hospitality and such a great event, we are looking forward to the next one!

      How to Save Your Roof from Icicles

      Remember breaking an icicle off your roof and playing with it as a kid? We sure hope not.

      This is called an Ice Dam, and it can be a major cause of leaks during winter months. A major reason for Ice Damming is bad ventilation, causing warm air to stay in your attic and melt the snow on your roof unevenly - until it freezes again at your eaves. This causes your roof deck to rot and deteriorates your shingles.

      All it takes is one call to our offices and we can get you a free estimate to fix this problem and save your roof... if it's not too late

      Greetings From The Rockies

      Team PR is excited to announce that we have officially opened our new Colorado office! We could not be happier with the new location and the warm welcome we have received. We are looking forward to servicing the Colorado Springs area, and providing the same level of GAF Master Elite craftsmanship that we have become known for in Georgia. If you happen to see us out in your area, do not hesitate to say hello, we would love to meet you! No matter what city, you can rest assure that we are in the community restoring responsibility back into the industry of roofing.

      Tesla to Produce Viable Solar Roofing for Homes?

      Tesla's superman Elon Musk announced that after acquisition of SolarCity (which he helped his cousins start in 2006), he plans to unveil a game changing solar panel roofing system. Musk wouldn’t go too in depth but said they will be going after the roofing industry with new products that do not just attach solar modules to existing roofs. Though the general concept of BIPV (building-integrated photovoltaic) is not new, and proved to be a dooms day for many solar companies. Musk believes that him and SolarCity have the solution to viable solar roofing. Seeing what he did for the battery, it is kind of difficult to doubt him.

      Roofs For Troops!

      Breaking News!

      The Peachtree Restorations team is elated to announce that we are proud supporters of our U.S. Military and the GAF Roof For Troops program. Through the Roof For Troops program, any Active U.S. Military, Veteran, or Retiree is eligible for a $250 rebate on any of our GAF Lifetime Roofing Systems that we install! But because here at Peachtree Restorations we know you deserve more. We are going to match the Roofs For Troops discount for a total of up to a $500 rebate on your next roofing system!

      Our Peachtree Restorations family has deep ties to the military, with most of us either serving personally or coming from military families. Our CEO's father, Ernest Johnson, proudly served his country in the Army for 24 years with three tours in Vietnam. This is a small token of our appreciation for all the brave soldiers like Mr. Johnson that have or currently dedicate their lives to keeping America safe.

      On behalf of Peachtree Restorations, we thank and salute you!

      Peachtree Restorations Goes to Jaemor Farms!

      We had the pleasure of spending the day at Georgia’s historic Jaemor Farms. It was our first time and we were completely blown away by their grand selection of product. The staff was wonderful and they really rolled out the red carpet, allowing us to sample some of their famous dressings and jams with our favorite being the “Georgia Peach Moonshine” of course. Oh and the fresh fried pies are something we like to call “grandma approved”. With fresh fruit and vegetables as far as the eye can see and such a welcoming staff, we will definitely be returning with our sample spoons in hand. We had such a pleasurable experience, that we will be teaming up with Jaemor Farms to develop something very special for our clients as a way to say thank you. A huge thank you to Ms. Caroline and everyone at Jaemor Farms for such a wonderful time, and we are looking forward to growing a fruitful relationship!